Exterior Ceramic Coatings

Dr Detail are proud to use the ROAR brand of Ceramic Coatings imported from the UK.

Roar Ceramics contain Nano Particles which create an extremely hard finish that is scratch resistant.

Ceramic Technology has taken the Car Care Industry by storm and Roar Ceramic coatings raise the bar of what Nano technology can do for vehicles.

Over time conventional waxes will break down and require more coats applied, every 3 months is recommended for up keep.

Roar Ceramic Coatings for Exterior surfaces, Paint, Glass, and Alloys, is NOT a Paint Protection, Wax, or Paint Sealant that will wash away or break down over time.

Scientifically Speaking, Roar Ceramics are a Nano-Ceramic Coating that forms a permanent adhesion to the Surface that no chemical can dissolve.

Dr Detail offer Ceramic Coatings for all exterior surfaces.

The time between any re coat is up to 2 years with regular washing.

The surface needs to be cleaned, Clay Bar to remove contaminants, machine buffed, polished, and any trim masked off before the Ceramic Coating can be applied. This is a standard service from Dr Detail but extra costs will apply for the application of the Ceramic Coatings.

The application is easier on new vehicles with no paint defects, only washing and degreasing will be required prior to application.

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