Sign Writing and Decal/Overspray Removal

Dr Detail are experts in removing graphics from your car, van, boat or any our vehicle that may require signage removal.

We have over 25 years experience with skills and products to remove vehicle graphics and any glue residue that may be left behind.

Vinyl sign writing and vehicle wrapping are becoming more and more common on the road. Whether you are a fleet owner that requires your graphics removing prior to selling or have just purchased a vehicle that may require “unwrapping”.

Shadowing from the old graphics are often left behind, and may require polishing to bring the paint work back up to remove the shadow.

Dr Detail offer specialist cutting and polishing that will bring all your paintwork back to the same gloss level.

Overspray Removal includes the following substrates:

  • Paint
  • Tar
  • Concrete
  • Bird Droppings
  • Salt

We have proven products that will remove any contaminants off not only the paint work but also the mouldings, trims, glass etc – without damaging the paintwork or plastic.

Whether you’ve been parked upwind of somebody perhaps painting a house, or if your car has been on the road when the road markers have been past, we can remove this safely, at either your home or business using a fully mobile service thought Taupo and the southern Waikato.

Let Dr Detail Clean Your Overspray and Sign Writing

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